Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kitchen table chats

The image of Tim Hudak speaking to a couple about their electricity bills in their kitchen – in a Toronto Sun article from 3 October 2011 entitled ‘Retired couple gives PC’s a boost’ – brought back memories of past photo-ops in Ontario electricity policy campaigning.  It would be interesting to compare and contrast such kitchen-table chatter.  The one that I wanted to pull out – but which I could not find ‘copyright-cleared’ on the web – was of Premier Ernie Eves doing something similar.  Though not during an election campaign, his visit to the home of Keshab Hardett and family in Mississauga – to announce his price freeze – is an image that is still in my mind almost ten years later.  When I went back and looked at Ontario newspapers on 12 November 2002 – and saw it on the front page of many – I can more fully understand why it is so ingrained.  In the next election, perhaps a pool could be formed to guess the first time such a moment might occur!  :>

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